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Leasing Calculator


This is an estimator for Commercial Businesses, Municipalities or other government entities, churches, schools or other 501c3. Please visit YOUR INDUSTRY or contact LeaseSource by email or phone.

You can choose from three of the most popular equipment lease types to calculate possible payments.


    1. The $1 buyout lease: This is a capital lease whereby the lessee makes fixed monthly payments and at the end of the lease has the right to purchase the leased equipment for $1 at the end of the lease period.*
    2. The 10% purchase lease: This is a combination of a capital and operating lease. It gives the lessee the right to purchase the leased equipment for 10% of its price at the end of the leasing period. The residual cost which is paid at the end of the lease creates the ability for the lessee to pay lower average monthly payments, making this a popular lease type.
    3. The fair market value lease: This is an Operating lease, better known as a 'true' lease, provides the lessee with the greatest flexibility at the end of the lease period. At the end of the lease, the lessee can give the equipment back, renew the lease, or opt to buy the equipment for its market value. This option is popular among companies that use equipment that typically reduce in value very quickly.

    *Rates may vary subject to credit rating, underwriting requirements, changing market rates and other variables. Once approved your rate will be held for up to 90 days.