In the late nineties LeaseSource began solving financing issues for our distributors and customers throughout the USA and Canada. They have been and continue to be an integral part of our solutions team.

Gabriel Daigle, Director Business Development North America at Hydro Mobile Inc.

LeaseSource took on a support role for commercial customers some twenty years ago. When that financing partner fell on hard times, LeaseSource took over both government and commercial customer financing support for Vanguard. Since then they have provided tens of millions of dollars of financing for public and private schools, commercial businesses and churches throughout the USA. It’s good to have a reliable partner to make buying easier.

Larry Ward, CFO , Vanguard Modular Systems, Lancaster PA

There was a time when no bank or finance source would underwrite scales because of the misconception about pit scales. LeaseSource visited with me at a trade show and Brian Huey said he would find a way to finance the entire project. He convinced a few underwriters to take on our customers and since then LeaseSource has financed hundreds of scales and we’ve recommended them to up-line to our manufacturers as well as downline to our customers. I guess they have been a trusted partner within our industry for more than two decades.

Joseph Geisser, Northeast Regional Sales Manager, retired, Rice Lake Weighing Systems

Brian Huey at LeaseSource walked into my office twenty years ago and said he had all this money to invest in yellow iron that he didn’t know what to do with. Since then his company has supported our sales representatives and customers with providing the financing to get the earth moving equipment they needed, even during three recessions! Probably the best thing for construction dealers is their ability to finance any age of equipment which the banks have a hard time with.

Jim Birchfield, Co-Founder, The Iron Peddlers, Inc.